Medical Missions

SKCDT is currently accepting donations for the ongoing Haiti medical missions which occur every February, April, June and October. You may donate to a specific program or make your donation in someone's name as a gift or in their memory.

Care is provided in rural dispensaries in the towns of Leon, Castillon and Abricot. The team will see upwards of 200 patients per day at the main Leon clinic that travel many miles by foot to obtain medical care.

A variety of medical specialists including nurses, medical laboratory scientists, physicians, physician assistants, paramedics and pharmacists work together to care for these individuals and help to identify those most in need.

Medications and patient referral resources for the Leon clinic are provided by St. Francis of Assisi parish, Derwood, MD.

SKCDT provides staffing, interpreters, medical supplies and a feeding program to support the clinic. Although we partner with St. Francis parish at the Leon clinic, the missions are strictly medical. There is no requirement for patients or volunteers to attend religious services or receive religious information as a condition of participation or care.

Read more about this trip in an interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


While providing ongoing work in Haiti, the Seattle-King County Disaster Team has also served on numerous deployments since 1985.

Visit our History page to read about past SKCDT deployments.

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Seattle-King County Disaster Team

The Seattle-King County Disaster Team (SKCDT) was formed in 1985 in response to the Mexico City earthquake.

SKCDT members have had a long history of deployments to disaster stricken areas and developing countries providing medical assistance and training to areas in need.

What sets SKCDT apart?

  • SKCDT trains medical personnel to provide effective patient care in austere environments
  • SKCDT coordinates and collaborates with local health partners to provide better patient care and integrate with the local system
  • SKCDT strives to provide consistent care for all medical mission patients through the use of standardized treatment protocols
  • In addition to providing care at the Leon and Castillon Haiti clinics, SKCDT also provides medical outrreach to outlying communities, schools and orphanages
  • SKCDT provides ultrasound and clinical laboratory services at the Haiti clinics
  • SKCDT promotes on-going management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension


Mission Statement

Seattle-King County Disaster Team is dedicated to alleviating suffering and improving the lives of people in need through education, training and support of health care professionals interested in medical missions and disaster relief.


The Seattle-King County Disaster Team is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Organizations described in section 501(c)(3) are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with the Code.


Board of Directors

Board of Directors

SKCDT Board of Directors and members are all unpaid volunteers who donate their time to support the team and the communities we serve.

Marty La Fave, Board Chair
Lori Van Slyke
, Vice Chair
Bob Downey, Secretary
Domini Renda, Treasurer
Donna Hammar , Board Member
June McKeaver, Board Member